JENS LENNARTSSON/Storyteller & "artist"

Hello! I'm Jens!

So. as stated, I am Jens Lennartsson. For quite a long time, I called myself a photographer. Then I added "writer",  because I made quite a few travel essays. But I felt that it wasn't everything I wanted to do. So I changed it.

Nowadays, I call myself a storyteller (and an artist from time to time). I tell the stories of my travels through pictures on my Instagram. And short snippets from my life on Twitter. I also write stories about travelling more mindfully on Medium. And, if you would send me an email, I would most certainly write you something back!

But most importantly, I talk about my life as an artist, my struggles and f*ck-ups and what I learn from it through my private mail list. I have recently started to love that mail list - it is such a great way to get in touch with cool people.

You should join in!