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Do you want to become a better travel photographer? Get small inspirational thoughts into your mailbox, every day for one hundred days? Then sign up for this inspirational travel photography course! It's totally free because I want everybody to be inspired :)


Free travel photo tips every day

Every day, you'll get one of my travel pictures, the story behind the picture and a succinct and concrete tip on how YOU can improve your photography and get a few steps closer to selling your travel photos. 


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Here's what you'll get

  • How to get people to relax in front of the camera.
  • Photographing well-known motifs in a unique way.
  • The three most important parts of a great travel portrait.
  • 5 great exercises that will help you develope your skills.

Almost none of the the tips will require you to buy any new equipment!

"... wonderfully practical, easy-to-understand tips and tricks to take anyone's photography to the next level. Each piece of advice is supported by a beautiful image and the photographer’s story behind it.

I think the book is great for photographers at all skill levels from wannabes to professionals."
- Kevin K.


One exercise every 20th day

I'll send you a exercise based on the previous days' tips. This will help you evolve even more and it will pinpoint the most common mistakes and problems for travel photographers!


And it is totally free! 

Yupp, won't cost you a cent. I want as much people as possible to be able to be inspired. So instead of charging for this super-awesome tips I'll ask from time to time ask you to support me through my Patreon Page - even a dollar every month makes a huge difference! 

In some of the e-mail I'll list some camera equipment and other gadgets that I love. If you click the links and happen to buy something, I'll get a small kickback.

That's how I'm able to give it away for free :)


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