Be the beacon.

The content world is going crazy. It is time to quit chasing the latest hack.

The Island Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

  1. Don’t fight your way through the crowd; build your own island. Don’t fight to be the best in your niche, create your own.
  2. Create from the inside out. If everyone takes inspiration from others and creates their content from that, nothing new will come. True creativity and novelty come from finding what’s already been cooking inside you.
  3. Work for money, but not as the main goal. Create for a small audience, and create what is extremely valuable.

What I am Working on Right Now

  • The Hot Mail! newsletter.
  • Tiny Square – a marketplace for (small?) newsletters.
  • A cohort for building a business on your newsletter.
  • The done-for-you newsletter agency, Paper Pushers.
  • A directory for Premium creative courses.
  • A local newsletter for Gothenburg.
  • A book about sustainable and healthy entrepreneurship.
  • A book on how to become an Island Entrepreneur.

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