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Marketing your SaaS doesn’t have to take hours every day. With the right tools and strategies, you can build automated systems that will do the work for you.

So you can spend time doing what you do best – building your business.

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Nice things people said about me:

I’ve been working in the digital space for years, and after a while, you’ve heard all the same marketing advice over and over.

Honestly, I was blown away by our conversation because you helped me reorganize what I already knew. Now it all feels useful for the context I am in at the moment. There was a bunch of unarticulated questions around building a sales funnel that has been holding me back. You helped all of them click into place.

Josh Pitzalis

Thanks to Jens, I started to gain traction and got the first email subscribers into my email list.

Jens helped me to outline a clear step-by-step strategy and kept me accountable when I was executing it.

As a small agency owner, I struggled with building a consistent stream of inbound leads from content marketing. I was all over the place trying without getting any traction.

With Jens, we defined my target audience, built an automated email sequence, lead magnet, and set on the right track for content creation.

Vova Pilipchatin

I’ve been leveraging Jens’s hacks and tips, and I’ve had success every time! He’s been an amazing resource and a major inspiration for me when it comes to my social media marketing.

– Michael Gill, On Deck

Lucky enough to have the chance to talk with Jens about the community I am trying to build. The goal was to get some help in regards to building an audience and create content. Magic happened when you get very simples and straight-to-the-point tips that just work as an eye-opening thing for you. Jens, thanks so much.

– Fransisco Fonseca, The Journey

Having someone like Jens – outside of my project – evaluate my tagline helped me cut away the clutter of what I felt was important to say.

The result was a message that was more aligned with what my customers needed to hear!

– Tony Dehnke,