Can You Create a Product & Start Selling in 24 Hours?

What is the main reason you don’t get where you want to go?

You simply don’t start!

I’ve decided to prove (and I am a maaaaassive procrastinatior) that it is possible to get the ship of the ground in one day!

Complexity is the enemy of execution. 

–  Tony Robbins

I’ll update during the entire process, in this live blog post!

What are the rules?

Having a few ground rules is important, so that you’ll know what to focus on and more importantly, to know when you have reach your goal.

The rules for The 24 Hour Product:

  • Create a digital product that is sellable.
  • The entire process (idea, planning and execution) has to be completed in 24 hours.
  • Whenever the time is up, people need to be able to buy it.

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