Author: Jens Lennartsson

  • In 2018, Facebook made a huge change in its algorithm (that decides what you see in your feed and who will see what you post). From one day to another, most companies saw their traffic from Facebook to their website cut in half. It dropped by more than 50%.  These kinds of changes are made all the […]

  • In May 2019, Harry Dry posted his first marketing blog post on his website, Marketing Examples. At that moment, he did not have an existing audience and any subscribers on his mailing list. One year later, his list exceeded 19 000 subscribers. During that first year, he developed a system that made it possible to use the same […]

  • Having your newsletter following a defined and clear format not only makes it easier for you to write it. It also makes the value in it much more apparent for people on the verge of signing up for your newsletter. By showing how you deliver the value makes it easier to see what’s in it for them. […]

  • With millions of social platforms and information outlets in existence – and more popping up every day – it is getting increasingly tough to choose where to get your quality content fix! Because of this, people are getting more inclined to pay for quality content – and to have it delivered to them.  Email is […]

  • The concept of tribes has been talked about in the marketing business for decades as a strategy to build and grow your audience. By giving people a feeling of belonging, you are able to create more longlasting relationships, that will lead to customers returning. But with a Microtribe, you as a No-Code entrepreneur are given […]

  • If you wait until launch to gather an audience and build interest, you’ve wasted a lot of time. Waiting until you have a ”finished” (it’s never really finished, is it?) tool, is like waiting at a red light with your bike. When the light turns green, it’s gonna take a lot more energy to get rolling, compared to coming towards that red light and arriving just as it turns green – you just swoosh by!