Get More Customers For Your Coaching Business with Automated Sales Funnels

Any big business consists of a lot of different departments. Sales, IT & website, economy, HR, (social media) marketing and besides that they need people to do what the company is actually marketing themselves to do!


That is quite a handful, right?

Well, what about running a small coaching or PT business then? By yourself? Gaaaaah! *head exploding smiley*

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Why every freelancer should have a Product Ladder

You might not have thought about it too much, but selling a service by the hour (as a writer, designer, coach etc) is a premium product!

It is not cheap (unless you priced it waaay to low) and shouldn’t be. Your knowledge is extremely valuable to someone without that same knowledge and you should price it accordingly.

But because of the relatively high price, not everyone will hire you – even if your work would add value to their business or life.

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