Why your SaaS business needs a newsletter.

How is your newsletter connected to your SaaS product?

The answer to that question might seem complicated at first. But most certainly, you already have the answer. 

Every product, service, or SaaS is built to solve a problem. But as you know, most people don’t like being sold to. Constantly trying to hammer people with why your product is the best is extremely time-consuming, very expensive (how much do you imagine toilet paper brands spend each year to make people pick their roll-of-white-paper-in-plastic instead of the one next to it on the shelf?), and quite inefficient.

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Choosing the best newsletter software for your SaaS business

Opposed to any social media platform – you completely own your mailing list. It means you can download it and all the information at any time. If you need change and a feature your current newsletter provider doesn’t have, you can move it to another.

Even though it is quite a hassle to do this, especially if you’ve built automations and email templates. It might also damage your open rates, as sending from a new provider might make you get caught in more spam filters. So when you choose your newsletter service, it is good to think a bit into the future and prepare for your possible needs. 

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6 Tests You Should Run on Your SaaS Newsletter

It doesn’t matter what the ‘gurus’ say. There’s no one-size-fits-all for newsletters. Even in the same industry, two newsletters will return different outcomes for the same content, wording, or CTA’s.

If you want to improve your newsletter continuously – both the value you give to your subscribers and the ROI you are getting yourself – you need to test different variables. 

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Email marketing vs content marketing – what’s the difference?

In May 2019, Harry Dry posted his first marketing blog post on his website, Marketing Examples. At that moment, he did not have an existing audience and any subscribers on his mailing list. One year later, his list exceeded 19 000 subscribers.

During that first year, he developed a system that made it possible to use the same piece of content on multiple platforms and made sure that as many people as possible would sign up for his newsletter.

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Understanding What Your Startup’s Customers Really Want

Somewhat 500 years ago, we started to accept (or at least some of us) that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Knowing this meant that we could start to really understand what was happening around us. How other parts of the universe are connected to us.

It is quite easy to understand why people believed we being the middle point of everything – naturally, you see the world from where you stand, and it takes a lot of effort and empathy to look at it from any other angle.

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8 Proven Ways to Structure your Newsletter for More Reads (with Examples)

Having your newsletter following a defined and clear format not only makes it easier for you to write it. It also makes the value in it much more apparent for people on the verge of signing up for your newsletter.

By showing how you deliver the value makes it easier to see what’s in it for them. Promising “industry news,” “curated links,” or “business tips” is very vague and doesn’t give them a clear image of how they will gain from signing up to your newsletter.

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Using your Newsletter to Make Your Tweets Viral

The Twitter Algorithm works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes tweets just take off, and it is hard to really know why. But there are a few tricks for maximizing the chance of your tweets – or in this case, Twitter threads – going viral.

How does the Twitter algorithm work?

Just like all social platforms, the Twitter algorithm change constantly. What it does, is trying to show you what you like the most – depending on what you’ve liked and consumed before. If you are following thousands of accounts, it would be impossible to scroll through everything, so the algorithm tries to show you what it thinks you would enjoy.

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