How To Go From Unproductive to Hyperfocused in 3 Minutes

I know.

It sounds like the click-bait of the decade.

But being a life-long ADHD entrepreneur โ€“ never being able to focus when I should โ€“ my life changed when I realized how efficient this is.

Read on, try it out.

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The 4 Part Landing Page Your No-Code Project Needs!

It doesn’t matter how good your no-code project is.

If no one is using it, no one gains from it.

The Internet is a busy place, and you need a way to get people on board the train.

The way to do it: make sure your sign-up page gives them an offer they can’t refuse.

It doesn’t matter if your tool or software is up and running, or if you are collecting emails pre-launch; these tips will work for both!

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Why Every Coach Should Have a Product To Sell

The Chicken or the Egg - which came first? Scientists, philosophers, and groups of friends that just ordered their 11th round of beers all had their go at coming up with an answer.

In recent days, the ancient question has gotten a modern-day equivalent.

Content or product - which should come first?

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What I Learned From Creating My First Digital Product – In 24 Hours

Last weekend, I finished a typing marathon at my desk. I wrote and published an sellable e-book in 24 hours!

For the last 13 years, I've been selling working with clients as a freelancer and consultant, selling exclusively my services - i.e I'll have to put work into every assignment I do.

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Why every freelancer should have a Product Ladder

You might not have thought about it too much, but selling a service by the hour (as a writer, designer, coach etc) is a premium product!

It is not cheap (unless you priced it waaay to low) and shouldnโ€™t be. Your knowledge is extremely valuable to someone without that same knowledge and you should price it accordingly.

But because of the relatively high price, not everyone will hire you โ€“ even if your work would add value to their business or life.

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