Unstick your newsletter!

Get a clear plan and the next steps to grow your business with a Next Step Session!

Your newsletter, email list, or welcome sequence should be an effortless and self-sufficient partner – not the main source of frustration!

But I’m pretty sure that is not what it feels like right now, is it?

You are not reaching the right people.

You spend too much time every week trying to figure out “the right strategy” going forward.

And despite all the hours and all the effort, the needle still ain’t moving?

In the Next Step Sessions, I’m helping entrepreneurs and businesses to align. Figuring out the content that’ll attract the perfect audience.

What you get during a Next Step Session.

In the 90-minute online call, you’ll first get to explain your current situation and what you want to achieve in your business.

Then, I’ll help you define the most pressing problems and blockers. Don’t worry – I’ll ask the questions, you don’t need anything “figured out” beforehand.

During the call, we’ll create a concrete, actionable plan – a written document with simple steps to follow.

After the call you’ll have:

  • A clear, step-by-step plan to move forward and reach your goals.
  • A better understanding of where to focus your energy in your marketing efforts.
  • More knowledge about your customers, and how to align your products and content to attract them.

NOTE: I don’t offer coaching around monetization by ads, sponsorships and/or newsletter recommendations. If your goal is to monetize mainly with one of those, I’m not your guy.

Here’s how to book your call

Most creators and entrepreneurs I help leave the call with answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. Instead of questioning their marketing efforts every day, they now have a plan and strategy.

I only offer a few coaching sessions per month. If you can see the red button below, it means there are still free spots.

Click the button to pick a time and to pay, and you are all set!