Are you putting off your marketing efforts because don’t what the right things to do are?

Feeling lost and clueless about how to get people to sign up for – or even see – your product?

Are you frustrated that things aren’t moving as fast as you would’ve wanted?

Spending hundreds of hours on creating an amazing no-code product ain’t gonna do much if no-one uses it. ?

Unless you know how to get it in front of the eyes of the right people – all those hours of work are wasted.

What if you had a step-by-step ?roadmap?

Now, imagine the feeling of knowing the exact steps to take to attract more users and customers and to grow your business!

To know the few things you can do – in less time – that will actually make the difference between success and defeat.

And to do it, without having to spend hours every day posting on social media hoping to get attention.

How does it work?

During three months, I’ll help you reach your goals and to improve your business. We’ll do regular meetings via Zoom and you can email me any time. I will be your coach and accountability partner.

  • In our first call, I help you to choose and define your goals and create an action plan.
  • We meet regularly (via Zoom) every other week, where we go through what’s been done and what you should focus on next.
  • You have full access to me via email during the entire program.
  • Any time you need an extra meeting, you simply book it via the Calendly link you’ll receive.

The biggest mistake No-code founders do, is to wait too long before starting to build and nurture an audience.

But it is hard to read the label, from inside the bottle.

As the founder and maker, you are going to have trouble looking at it from the outside – from where your customers are seeing it.

Letting someone else take an objective look at it, and to give you a concrete to-do list can be the difference between winning or failing.

By booking a 1-on-1 call with me, I will pin-point the things you are doing wrong and tell you exactly what to do to maximize your reach and chances of getting people to sign-up.

During the 90 minute call, we’ll create an easy-to-follow, specific action plan, with every step you need to take.

“Since adopting Jens’ tactics and tools, the results have been staggering:

In the last 4 weeks I’ve had over 215,000 impressions [on Twitter], 3,500 profile visits, and 390 followers. I’m excited to continue learning his methods and strategies!

Jens has been an amazing resource and a major inspiration for me when it comes to my social media marketing. I found Jens on Twitter and was immediately inspired by his Twitter marketing tactics.

I began to implement some of the methods that he suggests and I really leveled-up by spending less time on Twitter while seeing more results.”

Michael Gill,

I can help you to:

? Plan your entire automated mailing list structure

?️ Create content that’ll attract the right audience – that will buy

? Grow your Twitter following and reach, in no-time

? Build an audience that’ll want to hear from you – even before launch!

? Re-write your sign-up page to maximize the conversions

? Show why your product is better than the other options

? Get potential customers to trust you enough to buy your product

PLUS: You’ll get full access to me via email or Twitter during the month after our call – to help you sort out any questions

Having someone like Jens – outside of my project – evaluate my tag line helped me cut away the clutter of what I felt was important to say.

The result was a message that was more aligned with what my customers needed to hear!”

– Tony Dehnke, 12v.Biz

Why can I help you?

  • I’ve been a freelancer and entrepreneur for 15 years.
  • I’ve helped hundreds of companies to improve their marketing.
  • I’ve coached small-business owners, creatives and freelancers like you for several years.
  • I have my own action figure.

How does it work?

Click the button below and reserve your spot.

You’ll get to answer a few questions, that’ll help me help you!

After you’ve paid for the session, you will receive a link to the video chat (no need to download any extra app).

(The spots are limited, book now to reserve yours.)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am sure that the advice you will receive during our call will be worth more than the cost of it – by far. But if you don’t believe that you have gotten your money’s worth – I will refund you the entire sum.

Who the heck am I?

I’m Jens and I started doing business back when the Internet was a little bit more tangible – and not everyone tried to out-shout everyone else.

I started out as a photographer, which later took me around the entire globe. In 2013 I did a marketing stunt where I created 400 small versions of myself and sent it to potential clients.

It ended up on CNN among thousands of other newspapers, TV shows, and blogs.

Since then, I’ve helped other creatives and small business owners to stand out and reach through the noise online.