The Future-You Method: Stop yourself from starting too many projects

I’m talking to myself. And it’s making me crazy productive.

This is going to sound completely ridiculous. 

But I’m emailing myself—a lot.

My problem has never been not having enough ideas. 

It’s the never-ending idea flood — combined with a black belt in forgetting the latest project and jumping straight into building the new one — that’s making my life a bit hard. 

That’s just how my brain works. I see business opportunities, projects, newsletter concepts, and jobs-to-be-done everywhere.

And I just want to tell people about it, start building the platform, and launch it — there and then! 

But you see the problem, right? There’s not enough time to maintain, grow, and monetize every side hustle you think of. 

If you spread yourself too thin, all projects will fail.

I’m gonna give you the free, brilliant solution right now. 

My latest email to myself.

Next time you’ve been spending hours or days planning out a new idea — dump all the ideas in an email. 

And schedule it to be sent to your own email address in a few months.

You won’t forget it. You get to explain your new idea to someone. 

And it is up to Future You to decide if it is as good of an idea 90 days from now.