The Island Entrepreneurs

The creator economy is broken. We are going after all the wrong things.

The attention span is shrinking

What’s an Island Entrepreneur?

Table of Contents

This is the first draft of the content of the book. But it is not complete. What did I miss? What is completely uninteresting to you? What would make this even more valuable to you?

I’ll share the entire writing process with you – and use your feedback to make this book into a resource that’ll give you more time and fewer headaches.

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Step 1: All the topics, and ideas.

  • How to make people find you by lighting your Beacon.
  • Why choosing a narrow niche is key to success.
  • Identifying your most valuable target audience.
  • Stand out from your competitors by owning your topic.
  • Copywriting: Your customers care about benefits – not features.
  • How to build trust before purchase.

Step 2: Structuring the chapters…

How can I make it even better?

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