Newsletters are dead!

Explaining a more efficient way to use a newsletter and email automations to build, grow, and monetize your business.

Email has been around since the dawn of the Internet. Mailing lists have been the go-to tool for marketers for decades – surviving all other social platforms.

But a few years ago, something happened. Email went from just “being” to booming. Smart founders are building mailing lists of tens of thousands. Driven entrepreneurs are earning millions from their newsletters alone.

Newsletter is the new black.

In The Newsletter Secret, I analyze the tactics of the most successful newsletter creators, to see what they did – and how you can “steal” it for your own newsletter. And I’ll share the entire process with you, if you feel like joining.

Here’s the first draft of the contents, in no particular order. What did I miss? What has to be included in this book? Who should I interview? You’ll find a message box at the bottom of this page – get in touch and help me write the new Book on Newsletters.