The Bullseye Method: Picking a Niche Without Closing any Doors

Your Bullseye Audience is the one niche audience to whom your expertise or product will add more value than anyone else. By writing for them, you create maximum impact without excluding anyone.

Imagine a dart board. In the middle – the Bullseye – is a narrowly defined, niche audience, e.g. “SaaS founders with a live product and more than 1000 users.”

The further from the bullseye you shave off traits from your definition: “SaaS founders with a live product” → “SaaS founders” → “Founders”.

Advantages of the Bullseye Method:

  1. Balance: You’ll be able to create niche content without closing the door for others.
  2. Expertise: You can develop a deep understanding of your bullseye audience’s unique challenges, while still maintaining relevance for the outer rings.
  3. Growth Potential: You can expand your business by gradually adapting your product or service for the outer rings.