Free E-book: Superpowers for Freelancers

Being a freelancer, consultant or any other kind of creative today is a struggle. Tonnes of other creatives that are fighting for the same jobs. Clients that don’t want to pay what you think is fair.

But what if it doesn’t have to be like that?

In Superpowers for Freelancers!, I’ll show you how you can boost your creative business by changing the way you think about what it means to be a freelancer or consultant!

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What is the difference between a freelancer struggling charge more than a few bucks an hour, and consultants taking in $1000 and more per day?

It is all in the way they look at themselves. The difference between struggling or living a great life, is mainly a different mindset

In the book, I’ll teach you how you can find (and land) more clients and start charging more and to make them refer you to their friends and colleagues.

If you are running any kind of creative business, as a freelancer or consultant working with other companies or people, this book will help you grow overnight!

10 ways to get more clients for you creative business!

1: Don’t quit your day job
2: No one cares about you
3: Don’t make friends with everyone!
4: Quit being a freelancer
5: Go out, and search for disasters!
6: Stop following and show the way
7: Stop charging for your time
8: The ladder to success
9: Solve the problems before they become problems
10: Small is just as good as big!

Get the e-book for FREE!

Where do you me to send it?