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  • How is your newsletter connected to your SaaS product? The answer to that question might seem complicated at first. But most certainly, you already have the answer.  Every product, service, or SaaS is built to solve a problem. But as you know, most people don’t like being sold to. Constantly trying to hammer people with […]

  • Opposed to any social media platform – you completely own your mailing list. It means you can download it and all the information at any time. If you need change and a feature your current newsletter provider doesn’t have, you can move it to another. Even though it is quite a hassle to do this, […]

  • It doesn’t matter what the ‘gurus’ say. There’s no one-size-fits-all for newsletters. Even in the same industry, two newsletters will return different outcomes for the same content, wording, or CTA’s. If you want to improve your newsletter continuously – both the value you give to your subscribers and the ROI you are getting yourself – […]

  • In May 2019, Harry Dry posted his first marketing blog post on his website, Marketing Examples. At that moment, he did not have an existing audience and any subscribers on his mailing list. One year later, his list exceeded 19 000 subscribers. During that first year, he developed a system that made it possible to use the same […]

  • With millions of social platforms and information outlets in existence – and more popping up every day – it is getting increasingly tough to choose where to get your quality content fix! Because of this, people are getting more inclined to pay for quality content – and to have it delivered to them.  Email is […]